10 Warning Signs from Decision Makers that You won’t Close the Deal

10 Warning Signs from Decision Makers that You won't Close the Deal

“Just call me back some other time”

Oh oh! Is he really not interested? Should I end the call or probe some more? Is it worth it for me to call him back?

For almost 10 years in sales, it takes at least 8-10 call attempts before reaching prospects. But 44% of sales reps usually give up after the first attempt. The study shows that 80% of closed sales usually happen after the 5th attempt but only 10% of salespeople make 5 call attempts. 

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In sales, persistence pays off. But how can you tell if the prospect have any intentions of buying from you or not and they’re just being nice? Here are the 10 signs decision makers are saying that sounds like there’s an opportunity but the truth is, they’re really not interested.

“Not right now”

This happens when a prospect doesn’t feel any sense of urgency to buy something.

  • TIP: Ask for their timeline, “When is the best time for me to call back and see if this is something you might be interested in the future?”

“We’re happy with what we have”

This could mean that they are currently satisfied with the product that they are using.

TIP: You can dig in about their provider or ask other areas they wish to improve. You can ask,

  • Do you have a provider? Do you have a contract with them?
  • Would you consider other providers in the future?
  • Are there other areas within your organization that you wish to improve?
  • “We have a contract with our provider”

So, they are bind with a contract and they can’t do anything about it. It doesn’t mean they’re happy with their provider or they won’t be changing, ever.

TIP: Ask,

  • How long is the contract?
  • When will it end?
  • How is it working with them?

By getting more information about their provider, you’re trying to find out if it is worth it to contact them again in the future. 

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“Call me back in 6 months”

You might think there’s a chance in 6 months. But sometimes, this objection could also mean that they’re really not interested. Although some are genuine and have a possibility of doing something in 6 months’ time 80% chance is they simply want to get rid of you.

TIP: To know whether or not they have plans in 6 months, you can ask, “When can I call back?”

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“Send me an email and I’ll get back with you”

Unfortunately, what you don’t know is the decision maker, this objection means, no. He’s not going to call you back. The truth is, he’s just blowing you off.

TIP: What you can do is offer to send information and ask for a callback.

“How about if I’ll send you information, may I have your email address, please? When can I call you back to discuss more this one?”

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“We’re all set for now”

Sales reps hear this all the time. This objection also means, “I’m not interested, please leave me alone.” Sure this sounds nicer than “We’re good. Don’t bother calling me again.” but they all mean the same. There’s no way you can close a deal with this prospect.

TIP: What you can do? Nothing! Offer to send information for future reference and check back again after a month or two.

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“I’m busy! Call me back some other time.”

This is the usual response you’ll get from decision makers if they want to get rid of you. They know that professional salesperson was trained to respect their time. Whenever they say, “they’re busy”, hey know that a salesperson will end the call right away and will call back some other time.

TIP: To make sure of their availability on your next call, ask, “When is the best time for me to call back?”

“It’s not a priority right now”

If what you’re offering ISN’T a priority to your prospects, then it means that something else IS. There are other issues that they need to find a solution first.

TIP: Uncover their pain points and link your solution to addressing those. It may not be right now but there is a very good chance that they will soon be a paying client.

“We don’t have the budget right now.”

I’m sure every sales rep experienced this kind of objection at some point. Discussion about the budget is very sensitive. Although having no budget means they are not going to do anything, you can turn this discussion to your benefit.

TIP: No need to discuss the budget in details. You can say, I don’t expect you to consider spending money right now. Then determine whether your products or services can help solve problems and issues within their organization.

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“I don’t have the time.”

This is the most common objection and I still get this one a lot. Regardless of the reason why the decision maker doesn’t have time, this objection also means he wanted to brush you off.

TIP: Reevaluate your opening spiel. Ask yourself, Do I sound like I’m going to need too much of his time? Did my introduction take 30 minutes? Take note that the introduction and the opening spiel should only take around 5-10 minutes.

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Sometimes, learning to let go for is easy. But before doing so, make sure that there really is no opportunity. Who knows, you won’t close the deal now but these prospects could be a potential prospect in the future. What can you do for now? Nurture them and call them back when it’s the right time.



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