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Can Australian Lead Generation Companies Help Get Rid Of Email Hoax

Can Australian Lead Generation Companies Help Get Rid Of Email HoaxThere has been news reports in Australia that hundreds and even thousands of different phishing emails carrying thousands of harmful computer viruses bearing the name of Westpac has hit Australian email inboxes just today, March 14. It seems that these emails that have invaded inboxes even those of banks have evaded detection from almost all kinds of anti-virus programs installed on any PC or laptop in the country. Experts believed that they contain a Trojan backdoor that places victims in a very dangerous and compromising situation for infection, SC Australia magazine reports.

According to the reports, these bogus emails were reportedly sent through an email address named secure.mail@westpac.com.au and it has a subject title, “Westpac Secure Email Notification”. What this email will do is to lure the recipient in clicking a link that is actually attachment with a filename called “SecureMessage.zip”.

Now, who would try to open this email in the first place? Maybe, those who have Westpac accounts will be easily lured in opening this email and clicking on the attachment. Security experts who have learned about this have called such attack as the fastest spreading email it can remember.

Not only this will harm people but it can also harmful businesses that might have some transactions, dealing and especially accounts at Westpac. That’s why, in Australia, anti-virus vendors have found the opportunity to offer companies and even individuals the latest anti-virus programs that can detect any malicious intrusions. However, a word is still being waited upon for any anti-virus product company to come up with a solution for this kind of problem.

This goes to show that if these companies will offer their products, they need to generate sales leads in order to determine who the people are and what businesses have the need for a tight security protection for their network. Thankfully, there are lots of lead generation companies that can offer their services in order to help these companies find potential customers. And, when this gets through, they can together help people and organizations strengthen their security measures against future virus intrusions.

Can Telemarketing Be Good For Australian Businesses?

One of the most profitable ventures that you can enter into is perhaps where Australia is involved. And this is one that should not be that surprising. After all, when it comes to economic power, Australia is a country that is among those at the top. Surely such a progressive country can be a very attractive investment for businesses. Of course, if you want to get only the best opportunities, then you will need B2B leads to show the way. The use of qualified leads can be a very valuable means for your business, since these contain the details you will need for a successful sales or business campaign.

Now, to be sure that you are getting only the best B2B leads, you will need to find a lead generation company that can do the job. It would be great if you can find one with a good telemarketing service as its medium, since this is the one method that can reach out to the most number of prospects and the one that can bring results the fastest. Surely, this is a business investment that can bring a lot of benefits. In a country such as Australia, lead generation service is certainly the one business aid that you will need. You should not take lightly this kind of business investment.

So, what say you? Come to think of it, only you can decide whether this is good for your firm or not. But you should not hesitate. When done right, this is one business tool that you can help you soar.