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A Closer Look At A Sales Lead’s Mind: An Australian Perspective

A Closer Look At A Sales Lead’s Mind An Australian Perspective

When we want to sell something, we want to be sure that we appeal to the sentiments of our business prospects.

Now, we all know just how hard that can be. That is why we often ask them a lot of, pretty much, personal questions. This is what makes all the difference for our B2B lead generation campaigns. Just imagine just how complex that is if the market we want to work on is based in Australia.

What do you think runs inside the minds of your sales leads?

This could very well be the one advantage that you could have to get them to turn these prospects into a closed deal.

So, what do you think are business prospects asking themselves?

  1. “Should I do business with him?”It is a warranted question, since this raises the issue of our capabilities.

We may be a big brand or a well-known company, but if you cannot truly represent your business and your ability to deliver what you promise, then you will not get their deal at all. You have to be really good at your articulation in this case, if you want to get their attention.

  1. “Should I do business with this business?”Basically, this is all about your brand, your identity, of your company.

It is about influencing your prospects to do business with you. You need to keep the integrity of your company intact. In other words, you have to clean up your act, deliver what you promise, and give your company credit when credit is due. It is all about keeping clean.

  1. “Will they offer something I want or need?”You know that a business can only sell if you can offer something that your B2B leads prospects will need to make their lives easier.

You need to show them just how your products or services work, how it will solve their problems, as well as the other benefits that they can enjoy if they purchase or sign up with you. You might want to train your B2B telemarketing team well on this regard.

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  1. “Will the value being presented meet my expectations?”Simply speaking, will the returns for the initial investment be significant enough for a deal to happen?

You know how hard it is to raise money, and that new investment can only be made if there is assurance of profit later on. With out on, you will not be able to make a sale. Your appointment setting team needs to be prepared to answer such concerns.

  1. “Shall I make the decision now?”How you convey the urgency of your offer matters a lot here.

You see, business prospects rarely make an immediate purchase decision. More often than not, they will wait things out and see if they still have a need for your offer later on. That would not be good for your business. That is why you should work on creating urgency in your sales repertoire.


Now that you know what are most likely running in your sales leads’ prospects minds, I am sure that you can work on a better B2B lead generation plan.

Do You Have A Sixth Sense? How Psychic Marketers Use ESP to Boost Sales

How Psychic Marketers Use ESP to Boost Sales

Imagine what it would be like if you could read the minds of your prospects and see exactly what they’re thinking when you’re pitching your products to them. Imagine how much power you’d have, knowing exactly what they need so you could feed it to them straight before they could even verbalize it?

It turns out you don’t have to be the bald, paralytic leader of the X-men just to be able to do that.

The truth is, ESP (extrasensory perception) is a pseudoscience. As far as the scientific community is concerned, it’s all rubbish. Although a lot of people are all-out enthusiasts of this belief, there hasn’t been definitive evidence to support that it really does exist. So, no, even the greatest of all marketers and salespeople don’t have a sixth sense.

All they actually try to do is to understand how minds work even without invading them.:

Be familiar with common personalities.

The great ones go deep into the psyche of prospects and use that understanding to create specific approaches to each kind of pattern.

Most of the time, the success of an interaction lies greatly on how personalities clash. Study prevalent behaviors and learn their weak spots. Think of it as like counting cards in blackjack: if you know the count, you know where to bet big.

Uncover what your prospects are really telling you.

Whether through email, over the phone or face-to-face, people give subtle “hints” about what they really want (if your client is extremely frank, then you have no need for being psychic anyway).

Some people say only experience can teach you such a skill, but that’s not necessarily true. If you devote enough time and effort towards understanding prospect behavior, you’d find yourself always one step ahead of them.

Use your sentido común, and narrow things down.

Why would a salesperson offer to sell a Kanye West album to a customer who has spent 30 minutes in the Classical Music section? Because of the lack of common sense.

You really don’t need to be psychic just to anticipate which specific points to engage in, even when online. Example: a web tracking data tool that’s tied in to your email marketing campaign can help you focus on what respondents really are interested in.

Monitor your audience – religiously.

With today’s social media prowess, marketers have the means to know who people are (Facebook), what they’re doing or saying (Twitter), where they are (Foursquare), what their interests are (Pinterest), or even their skills and responsibilities (LinkedIn).

Is there really a good excuse to not have an idea how to deal with them?

Australian Lead Generation Companies Helping Life Insurance Companies Gain Sales Leads

Australian Lead Generation Companies Helping Life Insurance Companies Gain  Sales LeadsIf it is not easy for anyone to buy traditional whole life insurance, universal life insurance or even term life insurance in Australia, then, it is not also easy and convenient for life insurance providers in the Land Down Under to find and promote and offer life insurance to people. They can offer life insurance to anyone but that is not a guarantee that everyone will buy life insurance. And if everyone wants to buy life insurance, not everyone is qualified to buy traditional whole life insurance. In order to know who the people were who can be qualified to buy whole life insurance, it’s best that they should qualify marketing leads first.

There are lots of reasons why life insurance companies should pre-qualify sales leads. For one, only those who are in their younger age are qualified to have their own life insurance policy. When people talk about life insurance, they would not think of someone who is already in his over-the-hill age to be qualified to apply for such kind of policy. They know that if a senior citizen buys life insurance and it was approved, it could be very risky on the part of the life insurance company and the premium cost will be very expensive.

So, what this does have to do with lead generation companies? If any life insurance company hires professional appointment setters from lead generation companies, these professionals can be able to work round the clock calling people and qualifying them if they are potential clients for that life insurance company or not. With the help of these experts in appointment setting, they can eliminate the wrong kind of people and concentrate on the marketing leads and pass on the information to the life insurance company.

Once the provider has the information of the right lead and an appointment was already set by b2b telemarketing services specialists, then, all they need to do is to meet up with client, sort things out and shake hands after closing the deal. No wonder that both lead generation companies and life insurance providers are enjoy their fruits of their own labor not only in the Australia but all throughout the world as well.