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Do You Have A Sixth Sense? How Psychic Marketers Use ESP to Boost Sales

How Psychic Marketers Use ESP to Boost Sales

Imagine what it would be like if you could read the minds of your prospects and see exactly what they’re thinking when you’re pitching your products to them. Imagine how much power you’d have, knowing exactly what they need so you could feed it to them straight before they could even verbalize it?

It turns out you don’t have to be the bald, paralytic leader of the X-men just to be able to do that.

The truth is, ESP (extrasensory perception) is a pseudoscience. As far as the scientific community is concerned, it’s all rubbish. Although a lot of people are all-out enthusiasts of this belief, there hasn’t been definitive evidence to support that it really does exist. So, no, even the greatest of all marketers and salespeople don’t have a sixth sense.

All they actually try to do is to understand how minds work even without invading them.:

Be familiar with common personalities.

The great ones go deep into the psyche of prospects and use that understanding to create specific approaches to each kind of pattern.

Most of the time, the success of an interaction lies greatly on how personalities clash. Study prevalent behaviors and learn their weak spots. Think of it as like counting cards in blackjack: if you know the count, you know where to bet big.

Uncover what your prospects are really telling you.

Whether through email, over the phone or face-to-face, people give subtle “hints” about what they really want (if your client is extremely frank, then you have no need for being psychic anyway).

Some people say only experience can teach you such a skill, but that’s not necessarily true. If you devote enough time and effort towards understanding prospect behavior, you’d find yourself always one step ahead of them.

Use your sentido común, and narrow things down.

Why would a salesperson offer to sell a Kanye West album to a customer who has spent 30 minutes in the Classical Music section? Because of the lack of common sense.

You really don’t need to be psychic just to anticipate which specific points to engage in, even when online. Example: a web tracking data tool that’s tied in to your email marketing campaign can help you focus on what respondents really are interested in.

Monitor your audience – religiously.

With today’s social media prowess, marketers have the means to know who people are (Facebook), what they’re doing or saying (Twitter), where they are (Foursquare), what their interests are (Pinterest), or even their skills and responsibilities (LinkedIn).

Is there really a good excuse to not have an idea how to deal with them?

Go Beyond The Usual In B2B Lead Generation

Go Beyond The Usual In B2B Lead Generation
These days, it is important to keep up with the market trends. Considering how quickly things can change in the market, you really have to be constantly on your toes. 

That is the key to surviving.
This is also the same situation with B2B lead generation campaigns. You have to go beyond what you usually know and do in finding, generating, nurturing, and converting B2B leads.Being good enough is not good enough anymore.If you want to be successful in your marketing campaigns, you have to do better than that. The nice thing about this is that there are ways to achieve that.

For starters:

  1. Empathy
    Yes, we have all heard this all the time, but too many of us involved in the B2B appointment setting game tend to forget developing our empathetic side. Remember, you want to establish a relationship with your prospects. Try putting yourself in their shoes.Related: The Eight-Point Communication Strategy For Better Appointment Setting
  2. OwnershipBe it a problem or an issue faced by customers, even if this is not your fault, you still need to take ownership of it. Letting the customers know that you are in control of the situation will show them of your responsibility and care.
  3. Follow-up 

    When conducting business or telemarketing transactions, make it a point that you properly follow-up any call that you make. It is all about being punctual and responsible for the time you gave.

  4. FairnessWhen doing business, always make it a point not to give preferential treatment on some customers. Being a biased businessman will not do well for your sales leads effort, ultimately ruining whatever chance you have in making profitable sales in the long term.
  5. BalanceBeing in business is walking the thin line between making a profit and providing a service. Striking that right balance of helping your customers and reaching profitability targets of your company is a must.
  6. ExpertiseFor what reason should customers believe whatever you say? If you become the expert of your industry. Study your business well, participate in online forums, publish articles and books, etc. There are a lot of things that you can do to show your knowledge.
  7. Recommendations 

    There will be times when you just have to back away from a business deal, especially if you have no way of providing what the customer needs. Really, it will not hurt you to point these customers to other businesses. At least you are providing good customer service.

  8. SpontaneityUsing a calling script is useful for B2B telemarketing campaigns. But you should only use this as a guide. Be natural and spontaneous in your business discussions. Your prospects would appreciate that.

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To tell you the truth, the secret to a successful telemarketing campaign rests on your capacity provide excellent customer service. Without it, building a positive relationship with customers and prospects will not be possible.Think of it as a necessary marketing investment, one that has better returns for you in the long run. Just give this a try.