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The Four Kinds Of Lead Generation Managers You Could Be

The Four Kinds Of Lead Generation Managers You Could Be


When it comes to B2B lead generation, it is always important to consider the kind of business manager that you can become.

This can make all the difference in helping your team to generate more B2B leads. You see, the kind of marketing team you have is greatly influenced by the kind of manager you are. Your team will not be able to function well if you, as their manager, approach the task of finding and nurturing sales leads in an entirely different way than they expect.

Now, there are many kinds of business managers that you can become effective in, but knowing the four most basic kinds can help you identify your strengths better.

And here they are below:

  1. The Director

This type of manager is someone who prefers to take control, someone who typically goes direct to the point, steps into the spotlight, and leads the team from there.

This person naturally moves to a position of power, one who a little bit formal with his subordinates. But do not mistake him for someone who is stuffy and stickler to the numbers and B2B appointment setting processes. He knows how to set goals, and he always makes sure that these can be accomplished.

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  1. The Planner

Unlike the Director, this type of manager is pretty much introverted and is less comfortable stepping into the spotlight.

The Planner is someone who is more concerned about the journey in reaching marketing goals, rather than discussing about the goal itself. They would plot out their steps, analyzing each part. They would also, normally, go and directly consult with the people concerned regarding the plans. And since these people are very meticulous in their planning, they tend to despise surprises and have little tolerance for less than stellar marketing or appointment setting performance.

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  1. The Analyst

This is the kind of manger who really never steps out in the spotlight.

When it comes to identifying trends and unlocking potential sources of new sales leads, the Analyst will be among the first to arrive. Such managers prefer interacting with their subordinates on smaller scales, avoiding the need for big confrontations in the first place. Before they make a decision, they want to make sure that all the data is in their hands for analysis. Typically, this is good for making plans, but the downside of this is that it takes a long time to get a decision done.

  1. The Mover

Basically, they are the soul and life of the office landscape.

This is the type of manager who understands the need to get everyone on board for new management or marketing policies, like a new telemarketing process and the like. They want to excite every member of the team, and are often so focused on this task that they tend to forget about planning for reaching the goals itself.

Now that you are aware of the four types of manager that you can be, which of these do you think will fit you well? Remember, this will influence how your B2B lead generation team will respond to the market.



How To Get More Clicks and Conversions With Benefit-Focused Headlines

How To Get More Clicks and Conversions With Benefit-Focused Headlines

Whether you’re putting up an online ad or creating unbiased content, your long-term goal is to lure in readers and convert them into customers. But before you worry about that grand goal, you should know that there is an initial, yet more crucial goal at hand:

That short-term goal is to have your content noticed, clicked, opened, and read.

That’s what you need to achieve first. Obviously, if no one reads your content, there’s no one to convert, and there’s no way for you to reach your grand goal. And the thing that stands between people reading your post or totally ignoring it: headlines.

How will people know how awesome your full content is if they are not convinced by its title?

That’s precisely why headlines need to focus on the benefits right off the bat. Readers need to instantaneously see the things they would gain just by reading the headlines, therefore compelling them to click and check outs the entire article.

Getting perk-specific

If you want to be a thought leader, you should learn how to make content that highlights the benefits –starting with the headline.

Content creators have no problem with 10 to 15-word titles as long as they serve their purpose. For example, writing “Export or archive emails in 2 hours using free Email Cloud hostingis more detailed (and eye-catching) than merely writing “How to backup your email using free Cloud solutions”.

Targeting the problem

In capturing readers’ attention, marketers sometimes include a prevailing “issue” on their headlines.

This is designed to attract those who are shopping for products or services to address a specific problem they’re experiencing. For example, one may write “Want to reduce cost but improve IT reliability? You need Managed IT services” to exert a pull on those who are looking into outsourcing their IT.

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Verbs versus Adjectives

If you want your headline to sound striking but still believable, there should be more verbs than adjectives. Why? Adjectives are imprecise, immeasurable and sometimes even subjective.

They also sound too flowery that it makes expectations unreasonable. Instead, invest on using verbs (and a few adverbs) that promote “a sense of action”, which sounds more promising and realistic. Compare the adjective-saturated headline “The awesome new features of Company X’s sensational email solution” with an action-packed alternative, “Company X’s email solution boasts new technology so you can manage, sync and share effortlessly

Once your readers see that your headline shows – in bright lights – the benefits they’re looking for, they have no choice but to become curious and check out your content. Once you’ve drawn them in, that’s the time you proceed to the next step – conversion.


Can Australian Lead Generation Companies Help Get Rid Of Email Hoax

Can Australian Lead Generation Companies Help Get Rid Of Email HoaxThere has been news reports in Australia that hundreds and even thousands of different phishing emails carrying thousands of harmful computer viruses bearing the name of Westpac has hit Australian email inboxes just today, March 14. It seems that these emails that have invaded inboxes even those of banks have evaded detection from almost all kinds of anti-virus programs installed on any PC or laptop in the country. Experts believed that they contain a Trojan backdoor that places victims in a very dangerous and compromising situation for infection, SC Australia magazine reports.

According to the reports, these bogus emails were reportedly sent through an email address named secure.mail@westpac.com.au and it has a subject title, “Westpac Secure Email Notification”. What this email will do is to lure the recipient in clicking a link that is actually attachment with a filename called “SecureMessage.zip”.

Now, who would try to open this email in the first place? Maybe, those who have Westpac accounts will be easily lured in opening this email and clicking on the attachment. Security experts who have learned about this have called such attack as the fastest spreading email it can remember.

Not only this will harm people but it can also harmful businesses that might have some transactions, dealing and especially accounts at Westpac. That’s why, in Australia, anti-virus vendors have found the opportunity to offer companies and even individuals the latest anti-virus programs that can detect any malicious intrusions. However, a word is still being waited upon for any anti-virus product company to come up with a solution for this kind of problem.

This goes to show that if these companies will offer their products, they need to generate sales leads in order to determine who the people are and what businesses have the need for a tight security protection for their network. Thankfully, there are lots of lead generation companies that can offer their services in order to help these companies find potential customers. And, when this gets through, they can together help people and organizations strengthen their security measures against future virus intrusions.