How to know if your Social Media Campaign is working

How to know if your Social Media Campaign is workingFacebook and LinkedIn are the key elements of an effective online marketing and lead generation campaign, and for good reasons.

One of these widely-acknowledged reasons is that once you have established a presence, you only have to wait for the conversions to come in.  But in terms of effectiveness, you would have to do more than just stare at a line graph for hours on end.

You need a measurement and surveillance system in place to see how your present campaign is doing and plan future strategies.

From determining web traffic and to measuring conversion rates, these analytical methods can help give your strategies a good boost.

Consumer sentiment. Knowing consumer sentiments is a good start, because nothing says something about your campaign more than your audience. Thus, it should be wise to monitor comments and mentions about your company and segregate them according to levels of personal opinion (From Worst to Best). Of course findings that exhibit an overwhelming amount of negative opinions herald a need to rethink your strategies.

Measure “share of voice.” Apparently, social media is being used by almost all businesses. Your competitors are also riding the wave. In fact, they are sharing the wave with you. It is just a matter of being the last man on his board. Maintain your sense of balance by comparing the number of shares you obtained to that of your competitors. Having more mentions means you won’t be wiped out soon.

Measure conversions. Another good way to gauge campaign efficiency is by observing the results. Percentages of conversion rates come from traffic social media traffic. Thus, marketers should take the first step of recognizing the source of these conversions. High conversions can make any marketer jump with joy, but it shouldn’t convince you that conditions (particularly, consumer sentiments) remain at ease.

Know what your market is talking about. We all have issues with eavesdropping, and sure enough we only harbor hate for it. But in the intricate process of market analytics, it may just be an important tool. Know what buyers want by “listening” to the conversations they share. Don’t get it wrong. It would seem like trying to know market preferences, but your main focus here are specific topics influenced by trends.

In marketing, perceptions change overtime. The thought that creating an online profile is good as long as it is there denies the fact that market tastes are volatile. Thus, it is imperative that you are always on the alert to let your lead generation campaign stay afloat.

Source : 6 Ways to Tell If Your Social Marketing Is Working

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