Don’t Get your Company drown with Unqualified Australian Leads

Don't Get your company drown with Unqualified Australian Leads

The Black Report2014 found that globally, 78.5% of companies conducted lead generation campaigns. 58% considered sales lead generation as their greatest sales and marketing challenge.


According to a blog post from, Australian companies are leading the way globally in reaching lead generation targets, achieving 21.7%, compared to the global average of 17.3%.

However, the real question is, ‘are the leads qualified or not?’

Having too many leads in your sales pipeline is good. But less is better! What would I say that? Because poor quality leads that don’t convert into a sale will make things worse for your business.

I’ve listed down 4 reasons why your sales pipeline needs fewer but high-quality leads.

  1. You will only talk to those who really have intentions to buy your product.
  2. Sales reps can focus their time chasing up and closing deals with prospects that are most likely to buy.
  3. Your sales team can nurture longer-term but good quality prospects, build a deeper relationship and walk them through their buying cycle.
  4. Get higher ROI, fast.

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A 2009 CSO Insights survey reported that senior sales executives rate just 35 percent of leads as “good” or “excellent,” and 65 percent as “average” or “poor”.  But how can you fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads?

Identify all of your leads.

Separate and focus on your warm leads, nurture the average leads and eliminate the poor ones.
3 types of leads:

  • Warm leads
  • Average leads
  • Poor leads

Note: Make sure to save a copy of your poor leads. Even though they are not going to purchase right now but you might convert them later on into a closed deal. Here’s how to assess your sales leads if it is hot, warm or cold?

Improve your lead generation campaign.

As a business owner, whether you choose to develop your own sales team or outsource a lead generation company, wanting to generate high-quality leads is necessary to the success of your business. Implement multi-channel marketing and reach your prospects through multiple channels can help boost your leads.

  • Email
  • Social
  • Chat
  • Website
  • Mobile
  • Voice

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According to a recent study by Ascend2, 70% of B2B marketers want quality leads rather than having too many leads in their pipeline. So don’t drown your sales reps with unqualified lead. Instead, only include high-quality leads in your sales pipeline.



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