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Go Beyond The Usual In B2B Lead Generation

Go Beyond The Usual In B2B Lead Generation
These days, it is important to keep up with the market trends. Considering how quickly things can change in the market, you really have to be constantly on your toes. 

That is the key to surviving.
This is also the same situation with B2B lead generation campaigns. You have to go beyond what you usually know and do in finding, generating, nurturing, and converting B2B leads.Being good enough is not good enough anymore.If you want to be successful in your marketing campaigns, you have to do better than that. The nice thing about this is that there are ways to achieve that.

For starters:

  1. Empathy
    Yes, we have all heard this all the time, but too many of us involved in the B2B appointment setting game tend to forget developing our empathetic side. Remember, you want to establish a relationship with your prospects. Try putting yourself in their shoes.Related: The Eight-Point Communication Strategy For Better Appointment Setting
  2. OwnershipBe it a problem or an issue faced by customers, even if this is not your fault, you still need to take ownership of it. Letting the customers know that you are in control of the situation will show them of your responsibility and care.
  3. Follow-up 

    When conducting business or telemarketing transactions, make it a point that you properly follow-up any call that you make. It is all about being punctual and responsible for the time you gave.

  4. FairnessWhen doing business, always make it a point not to give preferential treatment on some customers. Being a biased businessman will not do well for your sales leads effort, ultimately ruining whatever chance you have in making profitable sales in the long term.
  5. BalanceBeing in business is walking the thin line between making a profit and providing a service. Striking that right balance of helping your customers and reaching profitability targets of your company is a must.
  6. ExpertiseFor what reason should customers believe whatever you say? If you become the expert of your industry. Study your business well, participate in online forums, publish articles and books, etc. There are a lot of things that you can do to show your knowledge.
  7. Recommendations 

    There will be times when you just have to back away from a business deal, especially if you have no way of providing what the customer needs. Really, it will not hurt you to point these customers to other businesses. At least you are providing good customer service.

  8. SpontaneityUsing a calling script is useful for B2B telemarketing campaigns. But you should only use this as a guide. Be natural and spontaneous in your business discussions. Your prospects would appreciate that.

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To tell you the truth, the secret to a successful telemarketing campaign rests on your capacity provide excellent customer service. Without it, building a positive relationship with customers and prospects will not be possible.Think of it as a necessary marketing investment, one that has better returns for you in the long run. Just give this a try.

Why Creating The Perfect Killer Telemarketing Script Is Very Important

Why Creating The Perfect Killer Telemarketing Script Is Very Important

There is one mistake that many “wanna-be hunks” are committing when they date out a girl for the first time especially if it’s really their first time to ask somebody out for a date.  This might be a little bit funny but it really is an advantage if that boy is going to write a script first and practice the lines that he is going to say to the girl.

However, there are also other boys who actually have written their own script. But, the mistakes they have made was memorizing the script word for word and blurt out the same words while they are talking to their date.  They sounded too “robotic”, such a big turn-off for the ladies.

 In the world of telemarketing especially if it involves an IT company trying to find new customers and at the same time trying to keep the existing ones from crossing the road going to the competitors’ side. At the same time, trying to create, develop and customize IT solutions for various companies in various industries, making a good script should also be taken in consideration.

It will surely be difficult for an IT company to win new customers if they don’t have any script at all for a guide.  Winning new customers is also like dating.  They need to make that first impression last and they should also keep in mind that it is all about building relationships with customers.  It is not a one-time relationship wherein they sell something to the customer and when the customer buys, it’s bye-bye time. Sometimes, these satisfied customers are the ones who can also help them building better business through collaborative marketing. They will be willing to give referrals and will even back up the IT company and tell the new prospects about the quality of products, services and work that it has done.  If they build lasting relationships with customers, they need to build or write scripts.

The basics of a script are really very simple.  Professional appointment setters or outsourced telemarketers should introduce themselves with confidence and they have called not to sell anything but to introduce and share something that can be the solution to a problem or issue of a client company.  In creating the script, telemarketers need to make sure that they will convey the message in a matter of minutes or less.  The best way they can do it is to lower the prospect’s guard and they can do that by saying some like: “I’m not calling today to sell you anything but, rather, to arrange face-to-face appointments so that we can meet.”

In making the script, one has to make sure that he will not be going to say everything.  The script should be accurate, brief and concise.  They have to bear in mind that the less talk, the less mistake.  The more they will talk, the more they will make mistakes and that could turn off a prospect.  In other words, appointment setting personnel should create a sense of urgency and it should be written on the script.  They can say something like: “So that everyone can be entertained and catered to during the product orientation which will be held next week, we are limiting the seats only to 20 participants.”  One of the most interesting part in the script is to hit the customer with a offer that is personal, exclusive and compelling. That way, majority of the customers that were invited for an appointment will say “yes”.

Lastly, one of the important aspects in making the script for telemarketing personnel should put in mind is that the script is there not to be followed word for word or else, they will sound too “robotic” and passive.  They have to remember that a living breathing person is at the other end of the line and they can also sense if the telemarketers are smiling and are sincere with what they are talking about.  For an IT company, they can have their own appointment setting employees or they can do outsourcing to telemarketing lead generation companies for face-to-face appointment setting services.

Lead Generation Marketing: Creating Product Awareness

Lead Generation Marketing:Creating Product Awareness
When a company has created and developed a product or has come up with a service that it can offer to its potential customers, the first thing that it will do is to create product awareness.  There are many different types of methods that it can come up with in order to make the public aware what it is promoting.  Since time immemorial, advertising is one of the most reliable methods.  Products and/or services are being advertised through the use of the tri-media: the print, TV and radio.  However, with the advent of the internet, getting the message across is now easier and more convenient for companies or businesses in any industry. They can utilize email marketing, social media marketing and SEO or search engine optimization for creating product awareness. But, perhaps, in the modern world today, with all those high-end and state-of-the-art technologies, one simple gadget has played a major role in the realm of sales and marketing and up to now, it always is and that’s the telephone.  They call this as telemarketing.

For decades, the telephone has been the most reliable partner for most sales people in any company that is trying to promote products and/or services.  If companies can promote what they are offering through advertising to a greater number of people, telemarketing services can promote anything to a specific type of potential clients.  Through the use of the telephone, telemarketers can hone in on a specific client, know more about that client and can efficiently identify what the client needs and can recommend the product or service that it is promoting.  However, most of the companies today rely on telemarketing services for setting up face-to-face appointments.

And with the existence of the internet, they can combine telemarketing and SEO and/or email marketing to make the public aware of the existence of such product and services.  There are some companies that employ their own people to become professional appointment setters and let these appointment setting agents call prospect over the phone and give them all the information regarding what they are promoting. In return, they can also quickly gather and generate marketing leads or sales leads that will give them an idea of what the person at the other end of the line needs or if the client really has the need for that specific product or service that these agents are promoting.  However, most of the companies these days outsource telemarketing services and other different types of lead generation campaign to gather qualified leads.  They avail the b2b lead generation marketing services from b2b lead generation companies.

For example, a company offering people an opportunity to make money through foreign exchange trading or Forex, for short, has hired telemarketers and SEO specialists from a b2b lead generation company. If that company already has its own website, the SEO specialists of this b2b lead generation company will optimize the site of their client so that it can be on top of the search engine results.  When an individual has come across the site and signs up for registration, telemarketers will then make their move by calling up that potential client and they have the resources and initiative to know the contact details of that person.  By calling the client, they will now make some face-to-face appointments so that the representative or the sales person of that Forex company can personally meet with the potential client or they can invite him for a webinar or an online tutorial on how to start with the Forex business.

That’s the basic flow of generating qualified leads. Once the client will agree to meet with the sales person, there will be a great opportunity for that company to close a deal and that’s because of the lead generation marketing services efforts done by a lead generation company.