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The 4 External Reasons Why B2B Marketing Campaigns Fail

The 4 External Reasons Why B2B Marketing Campaigns FailWhether we like it or not, B2B companies face the possibility of failing.

There will always be a Damocles sword dangling over the heads of managers. And regardless of what they do for the sake of improving their B2B lead generation and their revenue, the prospect of having one’s skullcap struck by the pointed blade is unavoidable.

Here are some of the so-called external inhibitors to B2B marketing as mentioned in a article by Ian Dainty:

Economy – Recession

In a recession, no matter how hard or persuasive your marketing is, you cannot get some companies to buy. Usually their clients are not buying from them, and that causes a ripple effect right through the whole economy. You need to adjust your marketing messages and the way you market and sell. You need to ensure you have a strong value proposition.

B2B Competition

All B2B companies have a lot of competition. You know better than me who your fiercest competitors are, and how you can overcome their weaknesses to secure business. If you do not believe you have much competition, simply ask your clients how many different companies contacted them in the past two months.

Client Affairs

There can also be external factors that can affect certain companies or certain markets from buying at a particular time. For example, a while ago there was a disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The company that caused the spill is BP, one of the largest oil companies in the world. You can bet that trying to sell anything to BP at that time, except a sure-proof way of cleaning up oil spills, was probably going to be a long sales cycle.

Government Regulations

As we all know, governments seem to have more and more of a reach within our personal and business affairs, both through taxation and through the different laws enacted in every country or jurisdiction. In Ontario, the Canadian province I live in, for example, all companies become tax collectors for the government. We already collect GST for them with the products we provide, and Ontario companies also collect PST through the new government HST. Now Canada has just passed the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) which can fine any individual up to a $1 million and a company up to $5 million for sending unsolicited emails. This is the toughest anti-spam legislation in any western country.

Basically, you are at the mercy of these factors, but it doesn’t say you can’t do anything to lessen their impact. Thorough analysis of each factor coupled with using the right tools business tools and strategies are vital for keeping you in profit – and so is hiring a lead generation company that knows a lot about keeping businesses efficient and in profit.

Looking for a Business Partner in Australia? Take these Points to Mind

Looking for a Business Partner in Australia- Take these Points to MindAustralia is home to thousands of top performing businesses you can work with on the long-run. But it’s not always easy when you’re trying to reach out to a potential partner for the first time. It is attached to a lot of risks and if not done right, can put your reputation and credibility to the dumps.

You wouldn’t want that to happen, so we suggest reading these important points by author Pejman Ghadimi about building bridges.

For the full article, click here.

Many voices but one vision

It’s very easy for people to want the best on their team and rightfully so, but the best often are entrepreneurs themselves and make it harder for you to move ahead in the direction you see fit. As the primary owner and CEO of your company, you must select individuals who will respect and recognize you as their CEO and will also understand what your particular contribution to your own project is but will also align their thinking to your vision rather than constantly try to push you to change yours. Finding people who will voice their opinions and feedback around the way you execute on your project is more important than having 3 leaders in the room wanting to go different routes.

What motivates them?

Motivation is the key to perseverance and consistency is the key to success. As you select partners, ensure that they are motivated by the same things you are.  If your motivation is money, then it will be easier as most people chase money but when you grow past that phase and look at the business as a whole and decide to be more important than the money it makes, your partner’s thoughts may not be aligned. Make sure their motivation is the same or you will soon find yourself arguing about the project not making enough money instead of worrying about the business itself and its growth.

Look for specific skill-set

It’s always great to find people who do everything but it’s unlikely that they are the best at just one thing since they know a bit of everything. Focus on individuals who have a particular skillset and a talent for it rather than a good worker. For example finding a proven online marketing expert is great even if they don’t know much about offline advertising. You’ll most likely be able to contract out a few of those in-between guys but will need to identify the most needed players and then will need to see which are so valuable that donating a piece of your life will be worth it.

Emphasize mindset, then track record

More people these days always want the best of the best proven track record guys, but those guys have less and less interest in working for you. Instead identify individuals who believe in the same core fundamentals as you, and make them buy into your vision. If the person’s skillset is right and their track record lacking, they are more likely to work twice as hard to establish themselves. Look past their proven resume and instead take a chance on the right people especially if you get that good gut feeling.

Their present condition

The last thing to look for is someone’s present condition in life. We often under estimate if someone’s basic needs are not met and often forget that as humans they may not be able to be as dedicated are food and shelter is a constant concern. Ensure you find stable enough individuals who can support a side project until it becomes their full time gig.

How to Become a Top Performing B2B Marketer

How to Become a Top Performing B2B MarketerAcquiring high quality B2B sales leads doesn’t involve much effort. All you need to do is to possess the proper mindset and expertise in terms of identifying and engaging the leads that will surely end in a purchase. Okay, it involves exerting a little bit of effort. You know what, scratch that, it involves a ton of work. Let’s all agree that B2B lead generation is complicated as it is and successes don’t come easy.

Do you think top performing marketers transferred high quality leads without first racking their brains for new ideas? In a Forbes article by marketing consultant and blogger Christine Crandell, such marketers think differently in terms of understanding the sales process.

Quoting from a study commissioned by automation supplier Act-on, Crandell says the best marketers set themselves apart because they:

Focus on customer retention and expansion.

While most marketers focus their time and budget on net new customer acquisition, top marketers focus on keeping customers happy and loyal.  They spend 23% and 25% of their time on retention and expansion, respectively, compared to average marketers’ 18% and 15% time, respectively.   In terms of budget investment, top performers spend 30% of their budget on expansion whereas average marketers spend only 20%.

Proactively manage the entire customer lifecycle.

Top marketers make it a point to be the central conduit for customer lifecycle engagement. They see their role as managing the relationship between their company and the customer and consider their function effective at managing the end-to-end customer lifecycle.  The result is that best-in-class marketers have happier customers.

Manage to metrics is a core competency.

Top marketers are twice as likely as average firms to tie objectives to the entire customer lifecycle.  Technology plays a key role in executing and measuring sophisticated marketing strategies. Their use of personalization and behavioral targeting and segmentation is 30% to 75% higher than average firms.  In other works, top marketers know how to leverage technology to more effectively engage prospects and customers.  And they manage metrics like response rates and satisfaction scores instead of traditional measures like number of leads.

Know their teams can make or break them.

The amount of energy spent on defining, recruiting and keeping the right set of skills is much higher than average companies. Over 92% of top performers consider having the right skilled resources a big challenge compared to only 50% of average companies. When top performers have the right skills in place that understand emerging B2B marketing trends, practices and technologies, they invest in keeping those teams aligned to objectives and external and internal customers.