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Why do you need professional help in cleansing your business database?

Database Cleansing Services

Having a database of potential customers is important for leads to consistently come in. A poor record with duplicate numbers/company and incomplete information makes it difficult to create a targeted campaign.

A clean database has the following.

  • No duplicate records
  • Companies with complete information
  • Company name
  • Company address
  • Company number (if not direct line of the right target contact)
  • Complete name of the decision maker
  • Direct email address
  • Correct job title
  • Direct/Mobile number of the decision maker

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According to a survey from, 57% of data analyst state that cleaning and organizing data is the least enjoyable part of their work.

Maintaining a clean database requires time and effort. You don’t really need to do all the work to maintain a “clean data”. That is why it is best to seek professional help who can do the job for you.

Reasons why you need to outsource your data cleansing activities.

  • It is cost effective
  • Free yourself from hiring an employee and invest in training and development. (You need to learn as well in order to know if he is capable to do the job)
  • They are a team of professional skilled employees with experience and expertise to deliver a high-quality result.
  • Your team can focus on more important tasks to help your business grow.
  • They have a credibility to protect – which is to provide a good service for their customers in order to keep up with their competitors.

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A business who specializes in data cleaning and organizing understands the importance of a clean database. They know how hard it is to keep a database clean which makes them target accuracy.

They clean up your record by:

  • Online research
  • Data profiling campaign

How do they do it?

The 5 steps in keeping your data clean

Step #1:

Analyze the information in your records. Find out all the duplicate records and companies with incomplete information.

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Step #2:

Separate the bad records. Remove the bad records and save it separately.

Step #3:

Online research. You can use google (whatever search engine you wish to use) for this one. Search for the website of the company and look for the missing information in the pipeline.

What information can you get from the website?

  • Exact company name
  • Company address
  • Company number
  • Complete name of the upper management – CEO, President, Directors and Managers.
  • Email address (sometimes they have it in their profile)


Step #4:

Set up a data profiling campaign. Complete the missing information after online research by calling them and verifying if you have the right information in your records and replace the wrong data with the correct ones.

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Step #5:

Establish a regular schedule for data cleansing. People or companies transfer from one company or location to another so it is advisable to refresh your data at least once a month.

Benefits of having a clean database.

  • Your targeting the right audience
  • You won’t waste your time calling for the same company over and over again.
  • Increase productivity
  • Higher contact ratio
  • Lowers your email bounce rate

So, how clean is your database?



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Can Australian Lead Generation Companies Help Get Rid Of Email HoaxThere has been news reports in Australia that hundreds and even thousands of different phishing emails carrying thousands of harmful computer viruses bearing the name of Westpac has hit Australian email inboxes just today, March 14. It seems that these emails that have invaded inboxes even those of banks have evaded detection from almost all kinds of anti-virus programs installed on any PC or laptop in the country. Experts believed that they contain a Trojan backdoor that places victims in a very dangerous and compromising situation for infection, SC Australia magazine reports.

According to the reports, these bogus emails were reportedly sent through an email address named and it has a subject title, “Westpac Secure Email Notification”. What this email will do is to lure the recipient in clicking a link that is actually attachment with a filename called “”.

Now, who would try to open this email in the first place? Maybe, those who have Westpac accounts will be easily lured in opening this email and clicking on the attachment. Security experts who have learned about this have called such attack as the fastest spreading email it can remember.

Not only this will harm people but it can also harmful businesses that might have some transactions, dealing and especially accounts at Westpac. That’s why, in Australia, anti-virus vendors have found the opportunity to offer companies and even individuals the latest anti-virus programs that can detect any malicious intrusions. However, a word is still being waited upon for any anti-virus product company to come up with a solution for this kind of problem.

This goes to show that if these companies will offer their products, they need to generate sales leads in order to determine who the people are and what businesses have the need for a tight security protection for their network. Thankfully, there are lots of lead generation companies that can offer their services in order to help these companies find potential customers. And, when this gets through, they can together help people and organizations strengthen their security measures against future virus intrusions.