Cost Efficient SEO Marketing? Is That Even Possible?

Cost Efficient SEO Marketing? Is That Even Possible?

Online B2B lead generation is pretty much a pain in the neck for many marketers.  For one, tracking important metrics and adjusting your campaign to improve conversion rates is a tough job. Coming up with an effective strategy on the other hand is much more complex, considering fluctuations in market preferences.

But all this hard work pays off in the long-run. Having an efficient system for generating B2B leads can cause an increase in revenue and ultimately realize long-term goals. All it takes is to optimize your online presence by developing what is often referred to as the bane of online marketers – SEO.

As much as you want to realize important objectives, SEO will always stand in your way. Of course, it is important for driving web traffic, but it poses the greatest lead generation challenges for B2B marketers. It is not surprising that Marketing Sherpa listed SEO as one of the most difficult tactics to execute, but also highly effective. It would, however, entail a lot of expertise in handling SEO data to guarantee a high rate of ROI.

Given these contradictions, marketers will need to harness SEO effectively for better profit gains. But how can that be possible?

Quality content.

Every online marketer knows that SEO is all about keywords. But the thing is quality is also top priority. Sure, you can feed your blog articles with keywords in a desperate attempt to hike up your visibility. But take note, Google has a strict keyword stuffing policy. You will need to tone down on keywords and instead focus on presenting high value information to your audience.

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Web traffic calculation.

It is also important to measure the amount of site visits. Keeping tabs on this metric enables you to determine whether your online lead generation platforms are producing as expected. Low web traffic can be attributed to poor web visibility, which can stem from poor optimization and low quality content.

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Improve accessibility.

Search traffic is an essential metric to understand as subtle changes can mean that your campaign is either gaining or losing in terms of generating B2B leads via search marketing. Focusing on your search traffic percentages can help in improving accessibility.

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Keyword conversions.

Finally, keyword ranking and demand comprise the core of SEO as they are factors in web visibility. Also, terms indicating high conversion rates indicate the need for landing page optimization to drive higher search traffic volumes. Considering this will fill your sales pipeline with the right B2B leads.

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