How to set an appointment through phone with an Australian Prospect

How to set an appointment through phone with an Australian Prospect

Choose your cut of meat, marinade then grill, broil or pan-sear is the generic process to cook a steak. However, such may not guarantee a perfectly-cooked steak, rather may be dependent on one’s preference on how the meat should be done: rare, medium rare, medium, medium well or well done.

Setting a phone appointment through the phone with an Aussie prospect may partly differ from the Malaysian, Singaporean or American Prospect. So the best way to do this is to get to know each of them better before calling.

Take a look at some important things you have to note according to TodayTranslations. This could be a helpful reference for telemarketers on how to set appointments through a phone with Australian prospects. Let’s follow a basic call flow.


Use casual or traditional greetings like “hi” or “hello”, not necessarily pushing it the Aussie way as “G’day, mate”. Like Americans, address them by their first names, however, if you address them by the last name especially when speaking with senior or many mature prospects, affix a Ms. or Mr. before the last name to show respect while sounding casual.

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Generally speaking, small talks can help you build rapport and make you feel at ease on the call but this may not be necessary at all times with Aussie prospects. They are mostly straightforward so you have to be quick to gauge if there’s a room for rapport building or should you proceed to the reason of the call. They might just be too busy to talk about the weather.

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Active Q&A

Listen, and actively listen to your prospects’ answers and queries. Aussies would not quite like it when you get them to repeat what they’ve said over and over again. Who would like that anyway? Grab the chance to gain his trust by exerting effort on showing how interested you are in helping him better his business by actively listening and acknowledging his concerns.

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Adding Value

I bet you’ve done your assignments before you called today but plainly speaking what products and services you are offering are underrated. Add value to your product knowledge by citing benefits, thus giving your prospect the reason why he should spare your specialist a segment or hour of his working schedule in a coming couple of days. Do this with confidence.

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Cease The Call

Propose an exact date and time for the appointment and gain your prospect’s approval unless he has other preferred schedules. Quickly summarize what transpired during the call and never forget to thank him for his precious time.

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Aussies are generally straightforward but receptive to new ideas. Establishing a  long-term rapport isn’t necessary in order to engage them in business. Seeing your products and services beneficial to business improvement is enough reason for them to move forward.

So before you grill, broil or pan-sear the steak, know your customer’s doneness preference first in order to serve him well.



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